ANNA BAUMGART Zdobywcy słońca (The Sun Conquerors) & ANDRZEJ TUROWSKI Parowóz dziejów (The Locomotive of History); DVD & BOOK; POLISH / ENGLISH

edition limited

Edited by lokal_30 / Lokal Sztuki Foundation in cooperation with Instytut Wydawniczy Ksiazka i Prasa (Book and Press Publishing Institute) and Atlas Sztuki; Warszawa 2012.

Anna Baumgart had been making an artistic investigation since 2010, dealing with destiny of an propaganda train, which in 1920 departed from Moscow to Berlin and stopped in Koluszki nearby Lodz. The train in carriages of which, just as in other propaganda trains, exhibitions, meetings and lectures were organized, and among the people engaged in this activity, there were some artists.
The artist invited professor Andrzej Turowski to cooperation in realization of the project. And this is how an interesting, extraordinary situation came into existence – on the one side the artist, representing the stream of critical art, and on the other side the scientist, modern art historian and art critic.
A meeting of the artist and the scientist resulted in a unique project, the project exceeding the barriers set so far. Anna Baumgart realized a film Zdobywcy slonca (The Sun Conquerors), and professor Andrzej Turowski wrote Parowóz dziejów (The Locomotive of History) – historical discourse and scientific fiction with a sensational plot.
The book by Andrzej Turowski and the film by Anna Baumgart were published by Instytut Wydawniczy Ksiazka i Prasa (Book and Press Publishing Institute) in cooperation with Lokal Sztuki Foundation and Atlas Sztuki, in the Le Monde diplomatique / artystyka series. Both the book and the film were published in two language versions: Polish and English and they are available in Empik Chain Stores and chosen bookstores around the country.