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Justyna Górowska


about herself: I’m a performance artist from Poland where I was born in 1988. In 2011 I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Intermedia in Krakow. I currently live and work in the small town Skawa. At the same time I try to travel a lot. Working with art on the way gives me the greatest inspiration and experience.
The most important thing in my work is the stimulus. The next step is choosing the medium. That is why I specialize in a number of techniques, such as photography, sculpture, installation, site-specific performance art, etc.I interpret the concept of creativity very widely. And based on the the thought of Joseph Beuys, I am convinced that every act of daily life can be art. I agree with him also that everyone has a creative element. Therefore, I can not imagine work without the recipient’s art. It is after all a viewer who generates and co-creates the meaning of each work.
What is very important in my work is the concept. The contemporary post humanist trend is very close to me. I’m interested in the condition of a man who no longer occupies the central place in the universe. Who is not afraid to lose their autonomy and be fully immersed in the reality (as water in water). I like to explore the boundary between being and non-being, and the hard to define space of permanently participating in a liquid fullness. In my artistic creation I reconstruct and offer to the recipient lost vision of the world.