lokal_30 with Natalia LL at Frieze London

We are happy to announce our participation in Frieze London with works by Natalia LL in a section curated by Alison Gingeras Sex Work. Feminist Art and Radical Politics.

Hope to see you at our booth S3.

Natalia LL formed part of the conceptual art milieu in Wrocław. Situated in the neoavant-garde current of the turn of the 1970s, her work was founded on photography, a medium that made “permanent records” possible. With time, Natalia LL also became active as a filmmaker. Since the end of the 1960s, when the cycles Intimate Records and Intimate Photography (1968-69) were created, photographs by the artist acquired the character of performances-for-camera. Images from the cycle Intimate Records, which document an intercourse between two lovers, became a manifesto of new female sexuality: active, overt and a source of satisfaction. Natalia LL embodied such kind of womanhood herself by introducing her own body into her art.

The impassive record mode was fully developed in the photographs and films from the early 1970s, when Natalia LL began to create permanent records – of a road, time, or a face. The cycle Consumer Art (1971-74) spawned many legends and texts, which allowed her to gain recognition on the international artistic scene. Portraying young women who indulge in the consumption of phallic-shaped foodstuffs, the cycle was also a record of a performance-for-camera, usually carried out at the artist’s home, repetitive and lasting for many hours.

Another cycle created as a performance-for-camera footage is Artificial Photography (1975). The works resulted from one of photographic seances, as the artist called them. The use of the procedures of multiplication and the mutual overlapping of semitransparent images on photographic film produces the impression of movement: veiling and unveiling the private parts of the body, but also a sense of artificiality and subversion inherent in photography that records the image of reality and “falsifies” it at the same time.


4. Natalia LL, Intimate Photography, 1971, 50 on 60 cm, original vintage print on board, courtesy lokal_30, Warsaw-kopia