Natalia LL at “The Medea Insurrection. Radical Women Artists Behind the Iron Curtain”, Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau, Dresden

The Medea Insurrection. Radical Women Artists Behind the Iron Curtain

Medea: femme fatale and überwoman from the East. An escape into mythology? Not with her! The women artists presented here, all of whom came to maturity on the socialist side of the Iron Curtain before 1989, interpreted female figures such as Medea, Cassandra and Penthesilea as contemporary images of women in the widest sense. Under the cloak of the accepted artistic media, they provoked, protested, played with fire and experimented, baring themselves and their rage whilst refusing socialist and bourgeois role models alike. With this double refusal they were exposing themselves on the whole to more risk than their male colleagues. Still today, many of the works shown here remain largely unknown. In this moment, when there is call for the public visibility of art from the time before 1989, “Medea” steps in as a corrective.