THE JOURNEY (video performance at National Museum Warszawa), 2012, photography (edition); Photo: lokal_30 Warszawa

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Zuzanna Janin

Born in 1964. Lives and works in Warsaw.
Author of sculptures, installations, videos, photographs, actions and performances. The central themes of artist’s works are space, memory and time, as well as the states in between. Her works invite reflection on the arbitrariness of social roles, their fluid boundaries and the place of individual freedom within the workings of state and society. In her last works Zuzanna Janin, whose film and video practice, alongside her installations and three dimensional objects, frequently addresses ideas of social construction and formation of interactive singular and/or group identities visualized how both singular and collective identities are manipulated and played off against one another in today’s contemporary culture. A singular identity thus finds itself – as Janin makes us aware – in a continuous state of personal construction and displacement.