lokal_30 at SUPERMARKET
Malgorzata Szymankiewicz, paintings, Untitled (Second Life)
Tomasz Kozak,
video, Yoga Lesson
Jan Mioduszewski,
performance, Horse Monument
Angelika Fojtuch,
performance, (…)
Zuzanna Janin,
performative, FortuneTeller

lokal_30 på alternativa konstmässan Supermarket:

SUPERMARKET is proud to announce its third annual edition of the international artist-run art fair. This year SUPERMARKET will occupy the stylish Clarion Hotel Stockholm on the island of Södermalm, with an estimated 50 International exhibitors transforming the classy hotel premises into a vibrant artist-run art fair.
Every year SUPERMARKET has relocated; starting in 2007 in an art nouveau palace, moving to an industrial space the following year, and now, to a newly built luxury hotel. Initiated and organized by artists, this project has rapidly evolved from a modest group of local initiatives to a fully-fledged international art exposition that has made its mark and helped firmly establish Stockholm on the art world map.
This years SUPERMARKET will take place on February 13-15, with participants from, among others, Warsaw, Reykjavik, Moscow, Bucharest and Jerusalem.


lokal_30 presentation at Supermarket, Stockholm, 13-15 February 2009

Beyond what’s visible, beyond consciousness, beyond belief, beyond scientific proof, beyond time, beyond control, beyond habit.
lokal_30 presentation at SUPERMARKET touches problems that are present but not clearly seen in people’s everyday life. A great number of factors that define the way we live, we act, we communicate are beyond our consciousness. Variety of approaches, subjects, techniques used by artists presented in Stockholm shows how rich source of inspiration this hidden part of us is.
Malgorzata Szymankiewicz Second Life series of paintings is an esthetic variation on vanitative iconography, so deeply present in European art. This young painter goes against tradition: in her works sculls, bones, skeletons are only point of departure for unrestrained imagination, creativity of human brain. Her perfectly symmetrical paintings remind of old badly regulated TV-set interface, uncontrolled massage sent by mass media as well as medieval emblems.
This connotation works well with Jan Mioduszewski performance Horse Monument, witty comment on Polish history. Fake wood wallpaper used by the artist is cut in the shape of famous prince Jozef Poniatowski horse monument by Bertel Thorvaldsen, erected as a symbol of Polish national hero. In Mioduszewski performance, instead of steed artist built a provisory pile of old furniture, prince is replaced by “childish” rider-dreamer. But which one of us didn’t build imaginary houses under kitchen table? Who didn’t sell sand muffins in a sandpit bakery?
Recalling past events, icons, heroes and placing them in new context is a strategy used by Tomasz Kozak. His found footage films Yoga Lesson combine pop culture symbols, 19th century poetry in the way that they become comments on contemporary hot topics: intolerance, social injustice, nationalism, racism.
Zuzanna Janin reveals hidden tension between reality and fantasy that she reads from people’s hand palm. On one side she shows human palm performing everyday life activities such as washing, eating, carrying, caressing, typing, on the other she plays with it as a subject of mysterious knowledge of a fortune-teller.
Angelika Fojtuch material that she uses in her performance is her own body and the interaction that she creates between her and the public. Transforming herself into mummy-like crawling object put into public space, streets, pedestrian zones, and hotel halls she interrupts and destroys primal character of the perspective and motion. This act of change makes audience thinking of the possibility of other perspective of observing the everyday world.
lokal_30 presentation of paintings, installation, photography and performance at Supermarket creates a metaphor of childhood memory of the Sunday’s afternoon spent in wandering funfair, both scary and funny, with a  touch of unknown and undiscovered.
Welcome to the world beyond.

Michal Suchora