ZUZANNA JANIN at Casino Luxemburg, opening 07.07.2007

Capricci (Possibilities of other worlds)

07/07/2007 – 02/09/2007

Alighiero BOETTI, Wim DELVOYE, Seamus FARRELL, Sylvie FLEURY, Mona HATOUM, Haïdée HENRY, Zuzanna JANIN, Ryan JOHNSON, Anne Marie JUGNET & Alain CLAIRET, Suchan KINOSHITA, Joseph KOSUTH, Stephen MARSDEN, Anita MOLINERO, Florent MORELLET, Gabriel OROZCO, Sergey SHEKHOVTSOV, Enzo UMBACA, Luca VITONE, Liu WEI

The exhibition Capricci (Possibilities of other worlds) aims to represent the world around us in unusual ways, using reinvented geography maps and everyday objects or ?gures. The spaces of the Casino Luxembourg turn into so many little curio galleries, where bizarre maps of the world and uncanny town maps coexist with easy chairs, a piano, a bed, travelling cases, a strangely familiar-looking washing machine… The artistic transformations can have critical, political or poetic undertones and create surrealist atmospheres that destabilize the viewer’s sense of reality. The word ‘capriccio’, today con?ned to the sphere of music, is borrowed from the Baroque universe, where its use extended to describe pictorial, sculptural and poetic creations.

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