JANIN, ZMIJEWSKI at “COLLIDING DISCOURSES” / VII Shiryaevo Biennale, opening 04.08.2011, 19:00

Majka from the Movie meets Slavoj Zizek, episode THE WAY, 2009, ca.10 min, DVD



VII Shiryaevo Biennale


opening 04.08.2011, 20:00

Artists: Guy Ben-Ner (IL), Heath Bunting (GB), Dmitry Bulnygin (RU), Phil Collins (GB), Oleg Elagin (RU), Sören Thilo Funder (DK), Felix Gmelin (SE), IRWIN (SI), Swetlana Heger (AU/DE), Zuzanna Janin (PL), Ladonia, Bo Christian Larsson (DE/SE), Marina Naprushkina (BY/DE), Anneé Olofsson (SE),  Magnus Petersson (SE), Ales Pushkin (BY), Pilvi Takala (SF) och Artur Zmijewski (PL).

Shiryaevo Biennale: «: between Europe and Asia» is the largest and most authentic event of contemporary art in the Samara region. Shiryaevo Biennale takes place every August of every odd year since 1999 in traditional Russian village, which lays right on the bank of the Volga river.
The Biennale was attended by artists and curators from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Lithuania, Estonia and Armenia.
It has been published catalogs – 1999, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2009, CD – 2005.
Each Biennale is devoted to research up to date topics, in the situation of “between Europe and Asia.”
Under the theme of 2011 it is invited to explore ideas about stereotypes of “others” in the context of processes and events between Europe and Asia.

Colliding Discourses addressing the course and results of discourses colliding, for instance between and within nations, between Art and the Law, the view on sex or how history is written. The rate of discourses colliding increases with the improving speed of globalization. What happens when discourses come into conflict? What discourses prevail?

Curator: Martin Schibli, Director of Exhibitions, Kalmar konstmuseum

Time: 4th  – 21st august, 2011, Art Center, Samara.

In the other contribution Kalmar Konstmuseum has put together a group of artists for an ”international creative laboratory”, a work in progress and a workshop where the artists work together in dialogue for an extensive period of time.. This takes place in a traditional russian village on a peninsula in the river Volga, a few hours by boat from Samara. The artists are quartered in russian families for the stay. The Workshop is concluded in a public round tour August 20-21 where all of the artists and visitors walk between the works in a combined discussion, party and performance touching everything between art and society. The idea is also that the artists will share experiences in order to build cultural bridges. The swedish artists Kalmar Konstmuseum selected for the group are Kalle Brolin, Klas Eriksson, Ingela Ihrman, Kristina Müntzing, Jörgen Platzer and Greta Weibull, most of which have a strong connection to the Kalmar region. Apart from these, artists from Russia, Germany, Estonia, France and Kazakhstan will participate.

Shiryaevo Biennale is organized by The Volga Region Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts. The Biennale was founded in 1999, which makes it one of the oldest biennales in Russia, and focuses on its location Between Europe and Asia which also is the name of this years theme.

It is a great honor for Kalmar konstmuseum to be an invited contributor for the biennale. It is also shows the international recognition the museum has received. The project has been made possible with the generous support from Kulturrådet and IASPIS. Contribution has also come from the Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow as has support from the Swedish Embassy in Moscow.

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Exhibition Manager Martin Schibli, martin.schibli@kalmarkonstmuseum.se, + 46 480 426288.