Artykuł Katarzyny Bojarskiej m.in. o „We live day by day…” Joanny Rajkowskiej

Katarzyna Bojarska, adiuntka na warszawskim SWPS, opublikowała artykuł zatytułowany „Traumatic Female Gaze: Julia Pirotte Looking at the Kielce Pogrom”. W tekście badaczka analizuje m.in. Pracę „We live day by day…” Joanny Rajkowskiej.

Abstrakt: In this article, I analyze Julia Pirotte’s photographs of the immediate aftermath of the Kielce pogrom as a resource for conceptualizing the relationship between trauma and photography, gendered ways of seeing, memory and trauma, body and archive, vision and death, death and the archive, images and history, survival, and destruction. These specific atrocity pictures make a difference to contemporary conceptions of trauma photography and the female gaze in relation to racist, political violence. I work with theories that go beyond thinking about trauma and photography based on the Lacanian concept of tuché on the one hand, and Barthes’ punctum on the other. I investigate to what extent Pirotte’s documentation of the Jewish victims and survivors of the pogrom can be read as a belated encounter with the trauma of the Holocaust, and what it reveals about survival at the site of violence. The article is a work of a feminist academic oriented at reclaiming a space within the narrative on visual violence; the reflection on the female traumatic gaze is an element of a broader gesture aimed at reorienting the theory of atrocity pictures and documentations of political violence, as well as photography of trauma.

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