Julia Woronowicz

Julia Woronowicz born in Warsaw 1997. Visual artist, painter and performer (as Pola Nuda). The 2021 winner of Hestia Artistic Journey competition in Poland. Winner of Generali Art Award Competition in 2021. The 2023 Strabag Kunstforum Contest participant. Her work has been exhibited in numerous venues, most recently in Ki Smith Gallery, NYC (2022), lokal_30 in Warsaw (2022), Zachęta National Gallery (Warsaw, 2022), Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2021,), PGS Gallery in Sopot (2021, 2022), Pracownia Wschodnia during Warsaw Gallery Weekend (2021), Officyna Gallery (2021), Studio Gałązka (2021), MEME Gallery in Athens (2020) and more, but enumeration will end there. Works internationally, her nomadic approach rejects the concept of being based in one place. Currently moving between New York, Warsaw and Prague.