Elka Krajewska & Gregor Neuerer: Eat My Fruit performative reading at the Secession, Vienna

Elka Krajewska (poetu Elku) with Gregor Neuerer
Eat My Fruit – performative reading hybrid Vienna-Warsaw

Tuesday 29.8.2023, 20.00 Uhr
Vereinigung bildender Künstler*innen Wiener Secession
Friedrichstraße 12
1010 Vienna

Gregor Neuerer & Elka Krajewska (poetu Elku) often collaborate while living on two different continents. Whenever apart, they turn to books—often poetry books, or texts they wrote together—to feel close and keep their minds in synch. Based on a poem about a mulberry tree growing near Augarten, Vienna, that they wrote together in 2019, Eat My Fruit will be a two-channel live sound installation: one transmitted from Warsaw, the other from the garden of the Secession—both in synch and out of sync. They will negotiate between a synchronous reading of the poem and an asynchronous reading of the annotations, creating in the process a new text that allows them to reach out to each other over distance and include the audience in a space of intimate exchange.

Cover of the publication „Wenn ihr meine Frucht esst, kommt ihr zusammen“. Gregor Neuerer & Elka Krajewska, 2019.

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