Joanna Rajkowska: I, Earth. Performance part of the New Performance Turku

Joanna Rajkowska: I, Earth.
in cooperation with Andrew Dixon, Aleksandra Kozioł, Scott Hawkins and Antti Tolvi

Performance, trip to the forest:
Wednesday 6.9. at 15:00
Manilla, Itäinen Rantakatu 64b, 20810 Turku

New Performance Turku Biennale: COMING TOGETHER

The very rocks on which we stand speak through this performance. They speak of how humans treat the soil, rocks, sand – the material on which we stand and on which we depend. In Slavic myths, the earth was always real, sensual and material: Mokosz – Mother Earth (Moksza in Finnish), the central figure of the cult of the 'moist earth mother’ – soil, primaeval matter.

Selected individuals, including environmental scientists, writers, botanists, shamans and artists were asked to step outside themselves and 'become’ soil – earth. The contributors were given only the guidance that, as earth, they should direct their statements to humans. For this performance, Joanna Rajkowska has assembled an international troupe (a „white voice” singer, a base monolin player, a percussionist and a choir) who will perform these contributions from within a crack in the earth’s surface – a crevice some 4 metres deep that runs through solid rock on an island near Turku. The desire is to allow the surface to speak as literally as is possible.