Jola Marcolla at Go Short Festival

Jola Marcolla at the Go Short’s fifteenth edition which takes place from 31 March until 10 April 2023 in LUX and various spots in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Weapons of mass healing that remain: hope, poetry and artistic anarchy

These are the times of ruptures. We are losing not only our privileges, but also precious criteria, notions, definitions. I feel that we are obliged to let go of our current way of life, because it’s oblivious and stupid. I cry. Yet, looking at the youth of the anti-capitalist environmental movement I catch a glimpse of hope. On the streets, in our minds, with friends, at cinemas – we try.

The program consists of artworks with two very particular qualities – the susceptibility for infinite interpretations and an eerie absence of nostalgia. The latter is not a mechanism for change, it’s just a mere amusement. Interpretations release the flow of constant reinventing, which is a crucial tool for thriving in life we don’t understand.

Hope is not the only panacea for souls sore from staring into the abyss and without a clue where to look for rescue. We are armed with poetry and anarchy, too. There is an abundance of the beautiful weave of these two in short films – the vehicles to take a ride into the unthinkable.

Curated by Joanna Ruta Baranowska