Justyna Górowska at puntWG, Amsterdam

Justyna Górowska, Piotr Urbaniec
13 till 28 Nov 2021
puntWG, Amsterdam

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During my stay in Amsterdam for over three years, I always felt a childlike excitement when there was heavy rain. The city is flat; there are a lot of old roads that gather the rain in their irregularities. Once, on my way to the studio, a car splashed me. I was soaked. It was a weird experience; at first I was angry and went to find the driver. He said, “I’m sorry”, but I knew he did it on purpose. On Google, I discovered that splashing someone is a crime but that if the driver says “sorry” you can’t take him or her to court. Then I flipped my perspective and started thinking that being splashed was actually an abject, melancholic experience. On my return to Amsterdam, I wanted to get splashed again from a puddle, but somehow in October there was not as much rain as usual, there were not enough puddles… Now, I’m asking Justyna where all the water goes.

This project is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Adam Mickiewicz Institute. This year Piotr Urbaniec is supported by Mondriaan Fonds.