Justyna Górowska’s performance, Ø, Corsica Studios, London

Brak FM: Post Colonial N*ggas Republic of Earth
DJ Paypal

Installation: Fauness and Justyna Gorowska “Ovarian Sisters”

Brak FM
Established in 2019, BrakFM is a revolutionary platform for black music, conceived by Post-Colonial Joga Master PK Brako, alongside Duskrunnian Evolutionary M.I.C. In this new world, they embody the state media of the Post-Colonial Republic.

KG, London’s prolific DJ whose high-energy, multi-dimensional DJ sets match her hypnotic production style, merging African polyrhythmic beats, euphoric melodies and hard hitting basslines. Her 2019 projects included two huge summer releases on electronic music labels Hyperdub and RKS, both of which were collaborative efforts with artists Scratcha DVA & Simbad. Sound Pellegrino Boss, Teki Latex and CTM Festival/Boiler Room curator – Opium Hum, have excitingly tipped KG as ‘One To Watch’ in 2020.

DJ Paypal is a Footwork producer, and part of international, Chicago based collective Teklife. Grown in North Carolina, he resides in Berlin. He often performs live with his face hidden for reasons of anonymity.

Fauness & Justyna Górowska – Ovarian Sisters
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is on the rise. Environmental pollution is to blame. Our water is full of birth control, antibiotics, bleach, phthalates, pesticides and more that we can’t name: an infinite list of substances that warp our bodies in mysterious ways. Our blood streams with toxic waste and artificial hormones. Our skin erupts and we are told that we must buy plastic bottles filled with toxic fluids to treat it. The moon is at war with the chemical tides that surge against its ancient responsibility to make us cyclical and regular.

For over two years, Fauness and Justyna Gorowska have been writing to each other in the character of two water nymphs who have survived into the present day. One, Justyna’s character, originates from the Slavic tradition (and has adopted the name WetMeWild) and the other, Fauness’s character, comes from the Greco-Roman tradition (and has kept her ancient name Plexaure, one of the nereids of classical mythology). As WetMeWild and Plexaure, the artists have created a textual world in which they commiserate on the pollution of their ancient habitats by the humans that share their physical form. Featuring original works of sculpture and moving image, Ovarian Sisters translates this world into an interactive installation and performance piece.

Justyna Górowska is a performance artist based between Krakow and New York. She has won numerous awards for her work, including the Grand Prix at the Samsung Master Art competition in 2010, and in 2011 and 2013 scholarships from Poland’s Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Her projects have been presented at various sites throughout Poland, as well as in Prague, Berlin, Milan, Quebec City, Jakarta, Dallas, New York and elsewhere. She is about to complete a practice-based PhD. at the University of Arts in Poznan. Overall, her work explores the ways in which environmental and feminist politics can be enlivened and amplified by new/experimental technologies.

Fauness is a multidisciplinary artist working between music, sculpture, performance and the written word. Largely self-taught as a visual artist, she has exhibited in London and rural Campania, and staged performances in Los Angeles and London. She has collaborated with numerous artists and designers, including, most recently, Olu Odukoya of Modern Matter magazine. Her music has been covered by The Fader, Dazed, Stereogum, London in Stereo and other publications. She has received grants from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Huntington Library, and the Paul Mellon Centre. Her work is concerned with constructions of femininity, childhood, ideal beauty, and sexuality, and how each inform or are informed by the destruction of the natural world.