Karolina Breguła at European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück

Karolina Breguła z filmem „Salon pod wiaduktem” na European Media Art Festival (EMAF)!

EMAF´s theme 2023 is “Trembling Time” – a time in turmoil, whose momentum is diffuse and undirected but widely felt, in which the possible end of something may be suggested as well as the emergence of something new.

The motto of the EMAF 2023 does not primarily stand for a moment of crisis – even if we are currently experiencing at firsthand how the time frame in which the global climate catastrophe could still be averted is visibly narrowing; how global wars and conflicts are having an impact right down to our local and very personal contexts and are being prolonged for their victims in the traumatic temporality of flight and migration. This is also about an understanding of time that is becoming increasingly questionable: a temporality that is oriented towards historical fixed and turning points, and the abstract rhythms that clock our post-industrial contemporary world. With “Trembling Time”, the EMAF invites us – in its exhibition, film programmes, lectures and performances – to revise our ideas of temporality and history, to confront them with other forms of remembering, imagining and being-in-the-world, and thus also to experience the trembling of time as a movement that, by throwing relations into disorder and shaking up hierarchies, opens up new paths for us.

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