Karolina Breguła at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art, Taiwan

Amongst the Silence

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art, Gallery 101-103
2021.12.18 – 2022.04.10

賴依欣 LAI, Yi-Hsin Nicole
田倧源 TIEN, Zong-Yuan
藝術家 Artists
約瑟夫.羅巴科夫斯基 Józef Robakowski
張乾琦 Chang Chien-Chi
卡娜.比利爾-邁爾 Cana Bilir-Meier
咖容琳娜.布瑞秋拉 Karolina Breguła
愛德華.弗洛伊德曼 Eduard Freudmann
克萊門斯.馮.魏德邁爾 Clemens Von Wedemeyer
王虹凱 Wang Hong-Kai
維泰克.奧斯基 Witek Orski
許家禎 Syu Jia-Jhen
饒加恩 Jao Chia-en
馬寞路 mamoru 
你哥影視社 Your Bros. Filmmaking Group
卡塔芝娜.寇茲拉 Katarzyna Kozyra
雅絲敏.沃西克Jaśmina Wójcik

The project of Amongst the Silence aims to explore the possibilities of artworks becoming individual responses and connecting issues of multiple eras, while finding approaches to form values and viewpoints for ourselves. From 2021, it has been challenging for all countries to combat COVID-19. Besides various policies and public health regulations, every government in the world has to find a way for people to adjust their lifestyles to the pandemic. Being restricted, many people also wonder how to go beyond the existing physical boundaries of time and space, expressing their opinions and messages via technologies. Strategies and resistance have always been ways for people to construct self identities and show social values of the time. They are stances people take when facing various social and political conditions. Reflecting this, many contemporary artworks have created spaces for us to think of and explore our current positions and present issues, while remaining open for interpretation.

The exhibition takes the concept of Polish artist Józef Robakowski ‘s “personal cinema” as a core and a beginning, they can be taken as self metaphors and archives, or evidences of current stands that can be reviewed in the future. Five major themes following will be discussed in different aspects. With political and social changes at the moment, the project of Amongst the Silence wants to actively determine the status of “silence” in today’s society and culture. Starting from public spheres of our daily lives and experiences, many artworks in this exhibition discuss the discursive formation set up by aspects of urban spaces, mass media, archives and regimes/institutions, and the silent gaps hidden in them. How should contemporary art adopt numerous forms of art making to open up possibilities to think, explore, construct and reimagine things? How can contemporary art therefore produce languages and structures that can go beyond politics, to build knowledge and strategies for resistance, and to create a kind of reflective thinking? At the same time, how can art serve as shelter with multiple layers of meanings in such public spheres, allowing silenced voices to be told, communicated and understood there, to form connections on new levels with our society and culture?

Supervisor: Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
Organizer: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA),  Art Square Taiwan
Sponsor: National Culture and Arts Foundation, Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation: Austrian Office Taipei, Project Foundation, Lokal Gallery, Yuki Gallery,  PTS Taiwan

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