Karolina Breguła at LOOP Fair 2021

#LOOPFair Nov 16-18 – The Works
Karolina Breguła ‘Dust’, 2019
Presented by @lokal_30

« I decided to present „Dust” by @karolina_bregula at LOOP Barcelona. Karolina is one of the best film artists working in the Polish contemporary art scene and I’m personally a big admirer of her work. The installation is a part of her new participatory project which she has been working on for several years. „Dust” revolves around the problem of losing home. Karolina addresses the topic of mass evictions and demolitions related not only to gentrification, but also to resettlement and displacement – one of the current problems of our civilization. Karolina takes it up as an artist, but also as a person and citizen. » (Agnieszka Rayzacher, Director lokal_30)

As Karolina explains: « Dust is a story about two women living in a building earmarked for demolition. The protagonists are the last inhabitants of the house. They are waiting for eviction while watching the jackhammers already working outside their window, destroying the neighbourhood. The project was made in collaboration with Ai-Yun Huang and Xiang-Ping Zhou, residents of a suburban district of the city waiting for demolition. »

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