Karolina Breguła na PhotoBiennale 2023 w Thessalonikach

Karolina Breguła pokaże swoją pracę zatytułowaną „Ćwiczenia z utraty kontroli”.

Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale 2023
The art of photography – everywhere!
10 października 2023 – 11 luty 2024

A photographic image captures the moment, documents the event, can kindle reflection and action, recalls and narrates stories from near and afar. With the consequences of the recent health crisis ever-present, with extreme weather phenomena demonstrating our responsibility towards our poorly protected planet, with wars, violence and turmoil engulfing so many parts of the world, the photographic image is always present, defying borders and distances, stimulating critical thinking, and revealing new, essential and brighter ways forward.


The concept and management of space and the familiar lie at the heart of Karolina Breguła‘s exhibition “Exercises in Losing Control” at Ypsilon (17.10-26.11.2023). The global phenomenon of gentrification is altering microclimates, neighbourhoods and human lives, while also changing our architectural, economic, social, historical and even working environments. Breguła examines and captures the sounds, sights, sensations and experience of losing one’s home and what the latter represents – as a living experience, a metaphor, but also as a psychological and broader social trauma.

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