Liliana Zeic at Kunsthaus Dresden

Kunsthaus Dresden
Rähnitzgasse 8, 01097 Dresden

artists: Lisa Maria Baier, Ksenia Kuleshova, Irma Markulin, Irène Mélix, Liz Rosenfeld, Angelina Seibert, Liliana Zeic

curator: Kerstin Flasche

Gender-sensitive concerns, including the (in)visibility of care and domestic work or linguistic reforms, are fiercely disputed, yet the issues addressed in the exhibition not only affect a queer/feminist community, but also allow for fundamental reflection on the wider community, visions of life, and also love. There is a persisting struggle about the nature of gender, roles and positions, and the individual right to define love, affection, closeness and eroticism. Can a common path still be found here? A closeness to one another? Or do we at times have the feeling of moving away from each other, when political, feminist or LGBTIQ+ oriented achievements are questioned over and over again?

Eine Frage der Nähe / A Question of Closeness, the first exhibition of the Kunsthaus in 2023, is dedicated to contemporary questions of gender, queerness, identity, and desire, asking – among other things – how the unexpectedly complex design of the stereotypes in the 20th century still affect current body regimes – and also how these may be disrupted.

source: https://kunsthausdresden.de/veranstaltungen/coming-soon-eine-frage-der-naehe-a-question-of-closeness/?lang=en