Zuzanna Janin and Karolina Breguła at VIDEONALE, Haifa

VIDEONALE # 1 an international video art Biennale

אושר מדומה Image of Happiness

Opening: Thursday, April 20, 2023
WIZO, 21 HaGanim St., Haifa, 7 pm
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מורג’אן אבו דיבה (ISRAEL) Murjan Abo Deba|חנאן אבו חוסין (ISRAEL)Hanan Abu Hussain|נלי אגסי (ISRAEL)Nelly Agassi|אנה אנדרס (GERMANY) Anna Anders|לוהולה אמירה (South Africa)Lhola Amira|נזקט אקצ’י (TURKEY/GERMANY)Nezaket Ekici| אירינה בוטה (ROMANIA) Irina Botea|שרון בלבן (ISRAEL) Sharon Balaban|הילה בן ארי (ISRAEL) Hilla Ben Ari| קרולינה ברגולה (POLAND) Karolina Breguła|מימונה גוארזי (ITALY) Maimouna Guerresi|מירב הימן ואילת כרמי (ISRAEL) Meirav Heiman & Ayelet Carmi |זוזנה ג’נין (POLAND) Zuzanna Janin|סיגלית לנדאו (ISRAEL) Sigalit Landau|היסר קירוגלו (TURKEY) Hacer Kiroglu|גבריאלה ריאנה לופז (CUBA) Gabriela Reyna Lopez|גלנדה לאון (CUBA) Glenda Leon|הילה לולו לין פרח כפר בירעים (ISRAEL) Hilla Lulu Lin Farah Kufer Birim|לי ינור (ISRAEL) Lee Yanor

Curators: Belu-Simion Fainaru, Avital Bar-Shay

The VIDEONALE is an international video biennale, planned to take place in public spaces in the urban sphere. The first VIDEONALE, Image of Happiness, features works by woman artists from Israel and the world who engage in video art, with emphasis on video actions and performances.
The works on view address the complexity of women’s world in relation to various cultural and psychological aspects.

The first VIDEONALE exhibition, „Image of Happiness”, is presented in the context of the protests against the judicial overhaul in Israel and the participation of women in these protests. It is dedicated to women’s art in the field of video, introducing distinct feminist positions. Women take a significant part in the current wave of protests throughout Israel.
They act out of a sense of urgency, protesting against a future violation of their rights, which may be an outcome of the legal overhaul. They feel that this is a fight for the future of women in Israel based on the perception that a strong democratic state is one that promotes women, allows them adequate representation, and does not exclude them from the public and political spheres.