lokal_30 in FRIEZE NEW YORK 2021

We are happy to announce our participation in Frieze New York 2021, May 9–15, 2021


Maria Anto
Natalia LL
Anna Orbaczewska
Jan Możdżyński

You can visit us online in our Viewing Room 

Our proposal concerns experience – both in the field of art and life. We present them through the works of two generations of artists from Poland. Maria Anto demonstrated a distinctive artistic approach and worked throughout several decades until her death in 2007. Her experience was one of an artist, woman, mother, in the real socialist era forcing her to struggle with everyday hardship. Natalia LL was also active at that time as one of the first in Poland to engage with feminist art. Her approach was misunderstood in the 1970s. Her experience of censorship returned after decades when her video was removed from display at the National Museum in Warsaw.

Works by younger generation artists: Anna Orbaczewska and Jan Móżdżyński are a testimony from the recent months of lockdown. They concern discovering and defining oneself, one’s identity, sexuality, repressed by imposed social and moral norms. Orbaczewska lets emotions speak, lending her drawings an expressive power. She employs motifs of women’s sexuality, originating from deeper spheres of consciousness. Móżdżyński, whose paintings concentrate on non-heteronormative sexuality, and encounters between technology and corporeality, seeks to detach himself from cultural and traditional norms and values to become a “curator of his own identity”.