lokal_30 at Frieze New York 2020 online

lokal_30 at Frieze New York 2020 online viewing room In Search of Lost Identity

Maria Anto Natalia LL Jan Możdżyński Anna Orbaczewska

You can visit us online May 8–15 in our Viewing Room

We also participate in Covid-19 Charity Viewing room, with artworks by Anna Panek, Anna Orbaczewska, Zuzanna Janin, Maria Anto, Jan Możdżyński and Mateusz Szczypiński, benefitting those affected by COVID-19.

lokal_30 proposes the topic of woman’s image created by artists, engaging in investigations concerning the objectification of women, emancipatory aspects of sexuality, social roles and right to individuality. Important for the history of female portrait is also the influence of iconography on manners of representation, the role of tradition and the changing woman’s status. Various perspectives on women’s experience form a story that intertwines women’s social and political role with private narratives.

Proposed artists include two contemporary classics: Maria Anto and Natalia LL. Already in her early paintings from the turn of the 1960s, Anto potrayed friends, children and herself as a fulfilled artist energetically combining two worlds: private and professional. Different experiences are represented by Natalia LL, whose works, especially Consumer Art featuring a model licking a banana, were perceived as a manifesto of liberated sexuality. Her photographs from the 1970s are so powerful that even today, nearly fifty years on, her piece was removed from display at the National Museum in Warsaw, stirring a lively reaction of the international community and establishing banana as a freedom of speech symbol.

Younger generation women artists are represented by Anna Orbaczewska and Jan Możdżyński. Women in Orbaczewska’s paintings are burdened by complex relations between family members. Her works explore the topic of women’s emotionality and sexuality and are often painted with enamel paint on plates, which on the one hand brings to mind bourgeois applied art, on the other, it relates to tense home situations. Jan Możdżyński often refers to fetishes in the BDSM community. He draws a link between feminism and the rights of sexual minorities. His works capture situations related to role-playing and the disintegration of what is traditionally understood as male and female.